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I heard about a women who died because her heart was to big, literally. Someone told me the story. Apparently she was a missionary. Her life was one devoted to the love of others and to spreading the good news of salvation to the lost.

This particular story and what I can remember of it always remained in the thickets of my woolly heart, somewhere alongside the fairy tale stories I’d read and the romances of the bible in the books of Ruth, Esther and Solomon. The reason it hid there is because it seemed so surreal.

Imagine it, passing on because your heart simply outgrew the earth and its pains, a heart so big that it could no longer fill her tiny human chest. How extraordinary! A heart that had to go upward because it could no longer remain inward!

I never searched more on the topic because I want it to be true.

I want to believe that there are others out there, people, mere human beings that can love to the point of death, like Jesus did. Love to the max! I want to believe that it is possible to love no matter what!

To love through the good and the bad. To love no matter what kind of yucky surrounds you! Mannn… what a legacy!

I remember a dance I had with Father God once. I remember this as one of my very first encounters of true love!

I was at cell group and we were praying, singing, all of us. My eyes were tightly shut. I envisioned myself as a small girl (but I was me, exactly at that age – around 20 at the time).

I wore a little white frilly gown and I was standing on the feet of Father God while He danced with me! It was so real that I sometimes have to remind myself that it was not a memory but a vision. God was so tangible. I remember worrying about His feet. Was I to heavy? Would I fall off? Was I dancing right? Could I trust Him? Could He lead me?

The answers surfaced in the days, weeks, months and years to follow. He taught me LOVE! You see, as kiddies, we have love pockets that are either filled with love, acceptance and joy or the opposite. Many of mine were a toss between the good and the bad. I could not understand or decipher what real love was or how to receive it.

Honestly I still do not know how to put it into words. I do however know what to call love. Undeserving, unwavering, precious, purposeful, intentional love –

His name is Jesus.

Romans 5:8 God commendeth His Love toward us in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

He sends people (and even animals) to teach us what love is. I married a man who loves me the way I am in every which way. Seriously. I have a friend that loves me to the depths of my core, even the not-so-great bits. I have cats who show me their love by meowing when I talk to them. When I look outside and its raining I always feel so grateful because He rains on the righteous and unrighteous which again is such a prime facet of Gods loving grace! There are soooo many examples of the way Jesus loves us everyday. I could write for days on end if I had to mention but only a few…

Its magnificently complicated and intricately simple this love thang.

Its ”unreal” like that lady who died because her heart outgrew her! I am learning how to love everyday because of those who have chosen to tap into the heart beat of God and share it just because they can! How selfless, Jesus, oh precious Saviour! What a privilege to be on the receiving end of your love!

2015-02-23 22.20.46The trick here is to acknowledge love, those who have it, those who share it, those who want it, those who need it. A quick note – Receive it. Bask in it. Wallow in it. Appreciate it. Recognize it. Take it – all of it … so that you can give it away! There is nothing more to this life that that …. no greater joy than to love and be loved.

To the Creator of Love – THANK YOU – without Him there would be no such glorious mystery such as love and all of its wonderfulness! Soak it in! Its marvellous!

When I think of her big heart and my woolly heart (where everything is tangled and intertwined) I smile because there is hope after-all. Love exists. It conquers all and it is above all.

It is the purpose and reason for all existence. So give it a go – hop onto His feet and dance! Let me know how it goes!?