Cheryl McGrath wrote:

In the wilderness, however, the pride of life is dealt a death blow. In the wilderness too we learn spiritual warfare is not about proving who we are but about standing still while God proves who He is.”

”In the busy metropolis of organized Christianity life centres around the temple and its activities. In the empty spaces of the wilderness, Christ Himself becomes our life and we become His temple.

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Bread for the Bride

The "Pinnacle" of theTemple

In the wilderness nothing is man-made.  All that is needed for survival must be provided by God.  In His wilderness journey Jesus would have sheltered in caves or one of the many rocky recesses to be found in the cliff faces.  He would have refreshed Himself at the small springs of water that occasionally break forth from beneath the arid terrain. He would have crossed paths with nomadic herders, tent dwellers who were content to make the wilderness their home.  As someone has wisely noted, not all who wander are lost. 

In his three major temptations of Jesus, Satan had by now used up two of his trump cards:  the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh.  Jesus has resisted each of them.  Having caught on that Jesus will not be detoured from the Word of God, Satan now cloaks himself in piety and for the first…

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