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2 Kings 5: 13-14 NIV- Naaman’s servants went to him and said, “My father, if the prophet had told you to do some great thing, would you not have done it? How much more, then, when he tells you, ‘Wash and be cleansed’!

Needless to say that even though the valiant King Naaman was completely outraged at the idea of washing himself in the Jordan 7 times, he eventually came to his senses and did what he was told to. The reward was remarkably significant! His skin was restored to that of a new-born babe and all because he humbled himself and followed Gods modest instruction!

Is it not the same with us sometimes? We wait for God to give us some GRAND GESTURE to glorify His name, or we wait for some HIGH CALLING / MINISTRY before we feel ready to do or commit to real kingdom work??

Sometimes, if not, rather often, God requires simple, SMALL steps of obedience for which He offers GREAT reward.

There could be some issues, which like illness, affect our spiritual well-being. By refusing to adjust the small things in our lives, we may miss the GREAT impact and the GREAT reward we could have had because it seemed insignificant at the time?

So basically, you can stay leprous if you want to!

You could be facing a much greater loss than you bargained for? Imagine, Namaan could have lived his remaining years shamefully covered with that dreadful disease, but instead, he made the right, yet meek choice and in-turn he was healed!

The door you have been trusting God to open for you, could be right in-front of you! The healing you have begged God for could be right around the corner! The restoration you fasted for is about to commence in full brilliance…

BUT the catch is that it might not look the way you expected or even wanted it to, maybe that is the whole point! LESS OF ME – MORE OF HIM!? God really does know what He is doing and He knows exactly how to do it!


~Perhaps there’s been a nudging at your heart to bake something for a neighbor you’ve lived near for years but never done the effort of meeting.

~Perhaps the Lords set a boundary for you to be exempt from certain luxuries or things you ”cannot live without” for a while. No explanations, just obedience.

~Perhaps the Lords prompted you to wakeup 20 minutes earlier to spend quality time with him?

~Perhaps you decided to do something but never pulled through?

~Perhaps you wanted to but never got around to sending your grandparents that letter?

~You may feel to do an even more insignificant thing like simply smiling at a stranger or buying the person who gives you the most grief at work a cup of coffee…

JUST DO IT! You never know what wonderful reward lies in wait for you, what healing, and what breakthrough!

EVERY single small gesture of love we show others is a HUGE gesture of love we show toward God!

Remember Gods voice is heard in the gentle whisper – so listen carefully and intentionally!

Job 26:14 – These are only glimpses of what he does. We [only] hear a whisper of him! Who can comprehend the thunder of his power?