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I have added another three very special ladies to my Women of Valor post! God has used you, Sharon, Sanet and Rene, to impact me very deeply!

The Valor Society - By Geraldine

This is in honor and in description of the Women of Valor that I have encountered in some of my most memorable escapades with the Lord.

A handful of women who are valiantly walking as God has destined them to, in the power of His might and with the love of Jesus Christ as their source which is being made manifest to all of those around them, including me.

It has been a privilege to share a portion of my life with each these very individual and equally important cohorts of Christ!

”We do not always see ourselves as other see us – often times reminders are needed as to how magnificent our existence really is.”


Romans 12:10 NIV – Love one another with brotherly affection. Out do one another in showing honor.

Forgiving in nature, accepting yet vigorous as the waves of the sea

A bubble of joy illuminates her…

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