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Need I say more?

This post by Heather Mertens is a MUST READ!

40 Year Wanderer ~ Live Out Faith Every Day, Every Way


Our language as Christ Followers is important in how we portray the Truth.

Language has changed drastically over the decades. By that, I don’t mean the actual words as much as I mean the usage of words. We have changed the meanings of words to fit an agenda, we have appointed innuendo where there was never any intended, and we have become lazy in conversations to the extent we don’t even care. But as bothersome as those things are, worse yet is the way many Christ Followers speak. The words come rolling off our tongues, and we don’t even think about the effects.

Words leave our minds, flow from our mouths, and take on a life of their own as they sink into the minds and hearts of those within earshot. They are seeds and they are powerful. They will either grow to be weeds or lovely beautiful fruit that…

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