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W.W.J.D - what would Jesus Do? And as Jon so often rephrased it backwards - D.J.W.W - Devil Just Won't Win ;-)

W.W.J.D – What Would Jesus Do? And as Jon so often rephrases it backwards – D.J.W.W – Devil Just Won’t Win 😉

Lesson 1 –

A man approached Jon saying that he had no money to pay for a hotel, it was an unplanned sleep over, as the business he needed to conduct only commenced the following day. He resides over the border so he could not return home and come back again. The dilemma was that the only currency the distressed man had could not be exchanged as the banks were closed already due to it being a public holiday!

My husband and I debated on whether or not we should give him the money as he promised to return the next day to pay us back. With ”weary wisdom” we reasoned that we really did not have this kind of extra cash to ”lose”.

Well that was what I thought … Jon however felt the man to be trustworthy and how I wish I had agreed. Jon referred the man to one of the grocery stores around the corner which he knew did transfers and cashed money through debit cards and so on. The gentlemen must have come right because he never returned. After wrestling with the Lord, I had sent Jon a message a few minutes later, saying he was right, we could borrow him the cash and that I would bring food for him as well, but I was too late (sigh)

Denying someone a blessing, when you have the means to give, even just a little was not Gods way, it was mine. My mistrust of the human race altered my faith in God as my ultimate source of provision. Even though man is weak, God is not!

What I have not told you though is that the week before, this same gentlemen’s car got stolen, and we prayed fervently for it to be returned in a proper condition. The man popped by the store to see my husband to share the good news that his car had indeed been recovered! Not being sure of the mans faith or religious status Jon enthusiastically told him that we had prayed for just that! The stranger shared the joy and bid Jon thanks – All praise to God for answering prayer!

But … I realized that day, my motives were not love when I denied the man, they were fear! (Of-course we believe wisdom should be used before dishing out cash to anyone but this was a ”heart issue”, not just a ”money issue”.)

The scripture sounding through my mind with a loud gong was:

Matthew 5:42 NIV – ”Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.”

The Lord was refining the part of my heart that became wicked, fearful and ”mamonified” hahaha (yeah, it’s not a word, but it sounds cool in context ok! ;-))

Lesson 2 –

A man had stolen something from a client in the store. Jon was infuriated! He stormed out on foot through town like a mad-man who had downed a few energy drinks, hyper with adrenalin obviously, after the ”thief” until he caught him. Dragging the man to the store where everyone awaited his arrival, he sat the young man down and called the police.

‘I am thirsty and tired, please can I have a glass of water?” he requested. Jon snarled back at him saying that he was also tired and thirsty after chasing him and that he was not drinking water right now! He was outraged at the boy’s request, after-all  he had stolen from innocent people and did not even show a hint of remorse!

Jon shared the story with me that evening, I was fuming to say the least, not because of the thief, the water or anything else, but because Jon had chased a stranger who could have had a weapon on him and hurt Jon! My husband’s life meant more and I reckoned the security should have chased the thief, not Jon! Again, my motive for being angered was fear – even though my reasoning is wise. Gods mercy prevails none the less!

”What has this world come to!”? I gasped, wanting to smack my hubby to his senses. Of-course, I didn’t. I was proud of Jon in my own way, his determination and valor, even if a little extreme, had retrieved the stolen goods and the perpetrator!

We embraced and thanked God for His mercy. Within seconds a scripture whispered into our spirits! It cut like a knife with the sharpest blade!

Proverbs 25:21 NIV – ”If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.

Both of these situations turned into lessons that humbled and corrected me, they reminded me of the band on Jon’s wrist. I always thought it was rather ”dorky” but now I see it as admirable – to really weigh up our actions and reactions by asking:

”What Would Jesus Do?”

Now that’s wisdom in its simplest form …