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''I have failed myself and all those around me'' - A lonely man

”I have failed myself and all those around me! WHY?” – A lonely man

Job 4:17-19 AMP – ”Can mortal man be just before God. Or be more right than He is? Can a man be pure before His maker, or be more cleansed than He is? Even in His heavenly servants He puts no trust or confidence, and His angels He charges with folly and error. How much more those that dwell in houses (bodies of clay), whose foundations are in the dust, who are crushed like the moth.”

My hubby shared a word that was profound today; he said that men are too hard on themselves. Imagine – if the servants of God and even His angels are charged with folly and error, how much more us, frail human beings?

What I loved about this revelation was that GOD WAS MAGNIFIED as He is the great I AM. He is the ONLY one who is PERFECT! We are His sons and daughters and therefore, we are made holy by Jesus’s blood, but without this we would be NOTHING!

So don’t be too hard on yourself as that is why God is who He is, so mighty and so merciful because you cannot even follow Him without His help! We all need the Lord! When you are a Christian, you need Jesus even more, every minute of everyday. Men are under so much pressure, that to give over to God 100%, sometimes feels like a failure on their part.

The key to giving over to God is forgiving yourself. The key to real manhood is trusting God. When everything around a man crumbles, he blames himself. Men are naturally all rulers as they were born with the purpose of protecting and providing for those around them, especially their families. Now when they think they have failed at this, or even worse, failed God, they have an inner turmoil that can be really difficult to get up from.

On top of that, men have a sense of pride, some too much so, and this can keep them from bending the knee. When things get tough, men could probably even think like Job did and ask: ”Why have you made me your target Lord?”

Jon says it’s like a sports game, the man needs to train really hard, after this he runs the race, if he wins the race, he needs to keep training to stay at this level of peak performance and he also needs train even harder to stay on top. God made Adam first, and to stay ”first” is a challenge, as now days women thrive as men. They do the same jobs, they raise families by themselves, they even run countries.

Think about it, how much more demoralizing is it nowadays than it was before?

Jon says he himself and other men sometimes experience emotions of guilt even after being forgiven. As if he could have done something more, or had he done this and that, things would have turned out better. Men carry burdens that sometimes are not theirs, but Gods to carry. The worst part is that us, women, place upon these men unrealistic expectations, instead of relying on God for His will and not ours to be done.

To the man whose thoughts haunt him! We are not going to advise you to ”let go and let God”, no instead, we are encouraging you to take up your rightful place, embrace and agree with the authority you have been given. Nothing good comes from being passive, TRUST God and persevere in your faith and everything God has given your hands to do.

Do NOT GIVE UP, as God will NEVER give up on you! EVER! The only way you will be strengthened is by READING THE BIBLE. As this is the only way that you will truly get to KNOW GOD.

John 1:1 KJV – ”In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Our prayer for all the guys out there, as well as for ourselves, is this:

That our Precious Lord would remove from us all the yoke of the world and the burden of this age, and that You would replace it with Your yoke which is easy and Your burden which is light. Our prayer is that the Lord would reveal His mighty power in our weakness and pride and that He would reveal to each of us how truly wonderful we are, just the way that we are. We also ask Father God that You would bring forth a greater measure of freedom to any men and women carrying burdens that are not of You.

Lord reveal to us and all the wives, mothers, daughters and sisters of all these men of valor, who they are in You and how fearfully and wonderfully You have made them. I pray in-turn that all women (including myself) standing alongside these mighty men, would look to You Lord Jesus as our provider and source and not only to our husbands. In the same breath please also help us women not to be so ”fiercely independent” in any area where we are not allowing the men to be the providers, and take up their natural God-given purpose, whether that be in the spiritual or physical sense.

I pray that when things sometimes do not turn out the way we wanted them to, that all of us would know that You are in control and that You are in charge of the times of cheer as well as the times of hardship. Everything is in Your hands Lord. Help us as Your children to really glean from You, not only in the good, but even more so in the bad. Strengthen Your church Lord in refinement and kindness, lead us in Your path forever in the Name of Christ Jesus. Amen