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He will never let you down, not today, not tomorrow, not ever! It is simply not in His character! He is truly and remarkably perfect!

He will never let you down, not today, not tomorrow, not ever! It is simply not in His character! He is truly and remarkably perfect!

It felt like someone was watching me! It was terrifying, I squirmed through the people and requested that my friend immediately get me out of there as I was being watched and I feared for my life! She looked at me in surprise as we had just arrived at the prayer meeting! I was so fearful that she felt the urgency and ran out with me.

We got into the car and I explained what I was feeling, distraught with anxiety and no idea where this irrationality had come from, but that is was real. She asked: ”Where to now Gerry?” I told her to take me to a specific super market on the corner, near the hospital. She smiled in amusement and asked if I had lost my mind? I was agonizing over this ”person watching me” but I wanted to go to the shops???

We needed to buy bread and grape juice to have communion. Upon arrival my emotions escalated, we walked around the entire store praying in tongues, encircling it to such a degree that people began to notice!! The Holy Spirit told me to look to my left and there she was … A lady on the phone, crying hysterically saying that she was going to die, a strange man had been following her for a few days and she was not leaving to go home because she was too afraid!

With great relief, I looked at my friend, confirming that I had indeed not lost my nut!! 🙂 Through bizarre circumstance the Lord had led us there to pray for her!!! Concerned, I approached her and she looked at me in defiance, as if angry that I dared to come near her. So I turned away and went to my friend and told her that the Lord has instructed that we should stand right there in the middle of the store where she can see us and we needed to pray for her aloud.

For some reason God wanted her to see us praying!

Please take note that this was in the middle of rush hour, customers had finished work and were purchasing groceries at this time of the evening and here we are, standing in the gap interceding for some women we did not even know, in front of everyone!  I felt shy but the Lord laid such a heavy burden on us for her, so we began to pray. I looked over my shoulder, she had fallen to the floor in tears, weeping outrageously! I ran to her and held her demanding that she now tell me what on earth was going on!!

She continued, through her sobs, explaining the situation I had overheard her telling on the phone. She said the man was outside waiting for her and she told God that if no one was praying for her in this store that she would forsake Him for the rest of her life! Then she said when she saw us doing exactly what she had asked God for, she knew He loved her and that there was HOPE!!

I went outside the store and commanded the man to leave where ever he may be, to my disbelief a car spun away???? Was this really happening?! Up until this day, I still look back and think it felt like a dream!!! My God really is big and He sees every single thing!!

Anyway, the Lord told me to ask the frail women what her youngest daughters name was and what the street was called where she lived. I thought, how do I know if she even has kids? That evening was so weird, I figured I would just go along with it 🙂

To my surprise, she said her daughter’s name was Hope and the street she lived in was called Hope Street as well. God just wanted to shower His sovereignty upon us, out of lavish love for us all so that we could marvel at His greatness and KNOW that He is our HOPE!

We bought the bread and juice and the Lord said that we should drive home after her ensuring she enters her home safely. As we drove we sang the most beautiful song –

”Our God is an awesome God, HE REIGNS FROM HEAVEN ABOVE, with wisdom, power and love, Our God is an awesome God …”

As we stopped in the parking area of the complex, we heard her singing the same song and playing it on her cd player! Again, we were astonished. She laughed and kept praising Him!!

Then the most incredible thing happened, the door of her apartment swung open and the cutest little girl came running out, straight passed her mom – hopping right into my arms!! Hugging me!!!

I said:  ”You must be Hope.” She replied rather chuffed with herself, ”Yes mam.”

We entered into the house, broke bread with her and her family. Praise and the fear of God had been re-installed in our hearts!!! This was a day, in 2008, that I would cherish forever, a beautiful story about a little girl named Hope and the Lords HOPE, which never fails us!!

Psalm 25:3-5 NIV – ”No one who hopes in you will ever be put to shame, but shame will come on those who are treacherous without cause. Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.”