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Often I have found that I myself have judged God … I have assumed and even believed that God is like my earthly dad.

One example of this would be Jessica’s story. Jessica’s dad would bargain with her, if she achieved certain marks at school, he made promises to reward her. Sometimes he did not have money to reward her with what he had promised, and she lost confidence as she experienced this as a personal failure.

Later on in life, when she had met the Lord, Jess would try bargaining with God. She thought if she worked hard and did what the word said she would receive what she wanted. She realize that God was not like her dad in this particular aspect.

She could not negotiate with God, she could not ”perform” biblically. All Jessica could ask for was His will; she would share her desires with Him and pray. She learned how to TRUST God simply by BELIEVING and taking Him at His word. Sometime after, as she got to know the Lord better, even within her secular life-style, she received something she really hoped for in her heart and she did not understand why. She was not being ”good”. She had not held up her end of the bargain. She was in sin – she did not ”deserve” this huge reward!!

This was when she received a new revelation. One of love, love and grace so strong so powerful that it was boundless! Jessica accepted that she no longer had to ”strive” as she was taught to. She could be at peace with God knowing He would provide for her whether she was good or bad. She knew she could not live a godly life without God as trying to be a Christian out of the flesh was just not working. He was not going to hit her or throw her away because she was ”not successful”. God did not condone her rebellious behavior, He did not with hold the consequences thereof but He also did not with hold His love for her!

”God loved her because He loved her because that is just who He is.”

”Like Dad – Like God” … it just doesn’t sound quite right does it? ”Like Father Like Son” – yes that’s more like it!

Jesus is like His Father – that is the example of grace we should live by. Jesus died knowing what we would do, are going to do and are currently doing! This does NOT mean we have a free pass to sin, what I am trying to convey is that we should extend this kind of LOVE and GRACE to others, no matter what!

A wise counselor corrected me once, she said: ”’Gerry, you are wrong! You hate what he did, you do not hate him!”

This WILL CHANGE your LIFE! Please watch it and LISTEN right until the end!!