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Ecclesiastes 1:1 - “Meaningless! Meaningless!”    says the Teacher. “Utterly meaningless!     Everything is meaningless.”

UNDER THE SUN                                        Ecclesiastes 1:1 – “Meaningless! Meaningless!”
says the Teacher.
“Utterly meaningless!
Everything is meaningless.”


I found a few old sermons on a cd stacked among some of my hubby’s stuff last night which gave me some new PERSPECTIVE! There are some teachings on the book of Ecclesiastes. This was pretty profound to me as I wrote on Ecclesiastes yesterday 🙂 The Lord is not done with me yet! Ooh I love Him!



If you do not worship the one true God

If you are a professing or a practical atheist …

Your life has NO purpose!

Every hardship you ever been through is in VAIN


Every goal you ever reached

Every promotion you have ever had

Even the JOYS you have experienced

Everything that makes you who you are


This may sound harsh

But the truth was never meant to be FICKLE

Without God what is the point of your existence

The longing for eternity is deep within the heart of every man

Yes, even you, the atheist, the one who believes only in himself


Every word

Every thought

Every deed

Every dream and every desire

Every single event in your LIFE


We ALL will be held accountable

All of us will be exposed for His glory

If you are a christian live according to His word

When it is tough it’s because you are being TRANSFORMED into a masterpiece

The world and all that is in it


Do you have an UNDER THE SUN or

An UNDER THE HEAVENS perspective?

If you hate your life your perspective is ”under the sun”

God turns all things unto the good of those who love Him

Everything else though .. If you do not love Jesus Christ


Saving trees has become more important than saving people

Animals are regarded higher than those made in the image of God

How many millions of babies are murdered each day?

NATURE is not fair – it does not care about you

Its slays the innocent and the wicked alike


God on the other hand …

Through Jesus we have forgiveness

In Him we have heaven, a life forever more


Suddenly every single aspect of lives has meaning

MEANINGLESS – I think not …