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''Sometimes you have to wait, just a little longer, persist just a little bit more ... and pursue Him A LOT - the out-come, receiving not only what you asked for but also what is best for you.''

”Sometimes you have to wait, just a little longer, persist just a little bit more … and pursue Him A LOT more …” – G Van Biljon

Do you remember the story in Luke 11 about the guy who knocks on his friend’s door at midnight for bread? Let’s name the 2 main characters Jim and Bob.

Let me shed some light-

Jim visits Bob at a crazy hour of the night! Bob was in a dilemma as he had nothing to feed Jim. There was no time to waste; Bob had to fill his friends belly, as was their custom. Jim had probably stopped over from a long journey on foot, hence arriving at midnight, I guess we should also take into consideration that there were no cars back then!! 🙂

Off, Bob goes, to his other friend’s house, who happened to be his neighbor as-well, in search of 3 loaves of bread to feed Jim. The neighbor, along with his family, were all asleep. Abruptly awakened by the racket Bob made, the neighbor told Bob to go away as he could not come to the door at such an unreasonable hour to give him food.

But Bob keeps knocking and knocking and knocking and knocking – with the same request.

Eventually, after some persistence, Bob was granted his request and happily walked away with the bread. The neighbor gave him the bread, not because they were friends but because Bob was unyielding. He simply would not leave until the door was opened for him!

Luke 11:9 – ”So I say to you, ask and it will be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and it will be opened to you.”

This chapter in scripture referred to the baptism of the Holy Spirit. God earnestly desires that we keep asking for this gift, not just once, but for a constant in filling of His being, His powerful presence within us. This should be FIRST on our ”list” of requests.

Without HIS SPIRIT how will we ask for the things which please Him and how will we know what is good for us? How will we know His divine will? 

Ask – Make a request. Seek – Pursue Him, read the word, get to know Him. Knock – Talk to Him, sing to Him and dance with Him, day and night.

God wants to be sought after! One of the dictionary meanings I found of the word Pursue is: To Hunt! Now in all likeness, we cannot ”hunt” God … What we can do is search Him out! Remember Romeo and Juliet, how they romanced each-other. Romeo is actually a perfect example of seeking his beloved! He climbed walls, he went against the norm, he did anything and everything he could to be near to his Juliet!

God created this desire in man because it is deep in the core of who He is!

He desires our undivided attention. God wants us to keep knocking and knocking and knocking! Not because we do not believe or because we are impatient, we should do so, because we are filled with faith and zeal for what He has for us!!

So, get your fields ready people – the rain is on its way!!!! Preparation is a godly way of knocking as it is something you have to do in faith!

As a confident child of the Most High God, it is my firm belief that if you prepare and really believe, you will receive! 

”What is my motive?” Always ask yourself this question before making requests.

If our conscience is clear, our motives are pure, if our request pleases the Lord, and if it be His will, then may He grant us what we ask for.

If however it is not of Him, I pray He would align our desires with His, so that we will dwell in safe pasture. In Jesus Name. Amen!