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”The small things that make you smile, the tiny things that make you laugh, these all make an ordinary day that much more special! So quirk up and embrace it!”

… I just had to share this story!

Tom at leisure!

Tom at leisure!

My toy-cat, Joy, introduced in one of my earlier articles, has humored us once again! My husband walked into the spare room and very clearly expressed his disapproval of the litter box! It did not matter how many times I cleaned it out, or what litter product I used, it was just stinky!

We soon discovered, that our older, slothful cat, Tom, whom I have also written about, was using the litter box at his leisure.  It was obviously far more convenient than jumping up onto the window sill and making his way to the garden, as he has done for the past 6 years!!! Quite frankly – I found it adorable!


And people say ”Cats don’t have personalities!” – well I have news for you – spend a week with these two and you will be hooked for life!

Anyway …

Our little ''MOANA-Lisa''

Our little ”MOANA-Lisa”

Back to Joy, our half-munchkin kitty and her escapades! After removing her dashing red” toilet” she moaned, strolling around the house. We figured she was voicing her annoyance at our recent decision which clearly made her life inconvenient. Do take into consideration, she is very short!! 😉

Jon took her out-side, put her on the sand, he held her two little front paws, motioning them backwards and forwards, to teach her how to embrace the real world of weeing and pooing outside! HILARIOUS!! It was such a sight! Isn’t my husband just darling?!


A few days later, I specifically went outside to water the pot-plants, only to find that ‘miss-muffet’ had found herself a new litter box! And this was when our gorgeous pot-plant be came a poo-pot!