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Yesterday I watched a kiddies movie called ”The 10 Commandments”. It spoke straight to my spirit – I even wept. The Fathers love for this one man, Moses, their intimate relationship, they experienced frustrations together, their united unquenchable devotion to their people. Moses’ true reverence and adoration for the Father was the most beautiful thing to witness in picture form – there was no man as humble as he. Except Jesus who came to fulfill the word.

The two commandments which highlighted themselves were:

Exodus 20:3 – ”You shall have no other gods before me” and 20:17 – ”You shall not want (covet) what others have”.

I find it daunting that these 2 traps are the easiest to fall into daily. We either worship money, people, idols, our stomachs, ourselves, things etc or we have one unsatisfied desire after the other. 4o years from Egypt to the promised land!!! Not for me – No thank you!! Did you know that trip was supposed to be significantly shorter – 11 days in fact!!



Let’s have a look at all the countless blessings we have today – firstly the magnificence of knowing GOD! The very life breathed into us through His Spirit – this in itself is enough. His son – Jesus Christ– oh what a wonderful God we serve!

And then all the other things we have, our bibles, our loved ones, our friends, our homes, our food, our jobs, our pets – the list is endless! We really can say ” WOW … WhatAlotiGot!!